Eros: Flowing in Love

Retreat of 5Rhythms and Tantra.

24-27 August 2023
Borgo Paola, Bracciano, Rome.

“In freeing the body, we free the heart to experience the power of Love.” (Gabrielle Roth)

In this retreat we will learn to allow ourselves to fully welcome Love into our lives: Love towards ourselves and Love towards the other. Love is the primary Source from which all that we call Life originates.

Eros is the primordial force of creation of the universe, it is life force energy par excellence, consequently Eros is Love. Only by awakening to our Truth and to the primary life force energy that flows within us, can we feel fully alive, therefore capable of embodying, expressing, giving and receiving Love. Embodying Eros means letting Love, therefore Life, flow freely through us.

In this retreat we will learn to liberate our most authentic and wild nature, we will empty our minds of many dogmas and we will be encouraged to express the power and wisdom of our Heart. Eros can initiate the movement from alienation towards connection, integration and unity, and is essential to healing the prevailing divisions between mind, body, sexuality and spirituality. Erotic energy is the gateway to Ecstasy and to Love.

This is a workshop that includes the practices of 5Rhythms Dance, Tantra and Ritual Theatre. No previous experience is required. It is open to singles and couples. It will be conducted in English and Italian. This workshop counts as 18 hours for Waves level for 5Rhythms Practice.

  • When: 24-27 August 2023
  • Cost of the Workshop: Early Bird: (if paid in full before August 1, 2023) 300 euros. Full price: 350 euros.
  • Cost of accommodation with vegetarian meals included:
    • Single room: 3 nights x 360 euros
    • Shared room: 3 nights x 225 euros
    • Dormitory (available only when the rooms are full): 3 nights x 165 euros
  • Timetables: The Workshop begins at 5pm on August 24rd and ends at 5pm on August 27th 2023.
  • Location:

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For me it is essential to create, in my retreats, a safe and sacred container for all participants.
You will never be pushed to go beyond your boundaries. You will be encouraged to clearly define your yeses and nos and fully respect them.
You have the responsibility of your experience.

If you want more information about the retreat, don’t hesitate to call me.

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